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I'm Terence.

Yup. No double “r” or “a” in my name.

My Story

Navigating the World of PRM and CRM

I chose to get a Marketing degree because I wanted to be immersed in the world of Partner (PRM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

My journey in those specific areas of marketing wasn’t just a career path, but clearly a passion I’ve chosen to spend my spare time writing about.

I learned a lot of the foundational concepts but the real excitement kicked in when I chose to do my own personal research. That’s why I’m here.

These fields resonate with me because they’re about building and maintaining meaningful relationships – a crucial and often underrated skill in today’s business landscape.


Demystifying PRM and CRM Through My Writing

That header is just a fancy way of saying I like the simpler side of things.

The worlds of PRM and CRM can be complex and often filled with a lot of jargon. Writing about it is my way of making it more accessible and understandable for everyone.

The right words can help bridge the gap between intricate marketing strategies and their practical application. My goal is to break down some of the sophisticated stuff into digestible content, so it’s easier for anyone to understand and apply these strategies or tools in their business (I can see you nodding in agreement).

Here’s the one thing that’s at the heart of all my content: nurturing existing relationships can be more impactful than simply chasing new leads.

I write about some of the innovative approaches to enhance customer and partner retention, a strategy that I believe is the cornerstone of sustainable business growth. Strategies that can transform not just businesses but the very nature of (digital) marketing.

My blog has all the tools, tips, and insights to help you manage your business relationships and drive long-term success. I hope you find it useful and practical. 

Beyond The Blog

Freelance Writing Services

Besides this blog, I also offer specialized freelance writing services.

If you’re in need of compelling B2B content that resonates with a PRM and CRM-focused audience, visit my portfolio at www.writtenbyterence.com.

Whether it’s crafting compelling articles, insightful blog posts, or comprehensive guides, my services are designed to elevate your content strategy.

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Expert insights, honest reviews, and practical tips on all things related to Customer and Partner Relationship Management.

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